Here are my favorite products for dogs!

• I love this pet food storage container! The top flap door makes it easy to scoop out food. And it’s stackable; in case you need more than one.

• This is the bed I like the most! It has a washable liquid-proof cover, and a thick memory foam mattress.

• Here is the crate I prefer. It features a plastic tray bottom that slides in/out, and two secure doors. It also comes with a divider panel, in case you need to separate two smaller dogs. I purchased the large (46”) model for my German shepherd, and she has plenty of space. She’s about 85lbs and 25” at the shoulder. I’d recommend the smaller model for the average lab or similar sized dogs..

• I love using this vanilla mint tooth paste! It smells good; and works quickly to freshen the dog’s breath.

• These are the nail clippers I like to use. They’re very sharp, so please be careful. A safer (but kind of squeamish) product is a dremel.

• For cleaning up messes, I recommend a product called, Simple Solution. It’s formulated to remove not only stains, but the remnants that our pets can still smell after accidentally or purposefully marking an area.

• I strongly recommend giving your dog a natural antler bone to chew on. They last months, and are a much safer alternative to Nylabones and rawhide items. You can find these in the woods (boil them) or purchase some from Petsmart. Although a little spendy, they’ve had the best antler selection in my experience.

• And btw: Trader Joe’s has a small but cool selection of dog treats! Our fave is the banana & peanut butter cookies!